Its Graduation Party Time

June 2, 2009

Well If your area is anything like mine the roads and highways are full of signs , balloons and banners pointing the way to the graduation parties.  This year I get the added benefit of hosting one of these myself as my daughter will be graduating this weekend.  I’m not sure who is more excited me or her.  It will be the first big event we’ve held at our new house and my wife can’t wait to show off the remodeling we have done over the last couple of years to family and friends that will be attending the graduation festivities.  I can’t believe I have kids old enough to be finishing high school and starting nursing school.   It seems like yesterday that my wife and I were pushing her down the sidewalk in a stroller to go to the park and feed the ducks.  Enjoy the time you have with your kids as soon they will be all grown up.  Congratulations to all those that will be graduating.


I’ve Had It

January 13, 2009

I’ve had it with these spiders coming into my house.  I live on a slab foundation which is basically at ground level.  I’m surrounded by corn fields and woods so there is an abundance of spiders in the area.  I never would have guessed before buying this house how big of an issue I would have with wolf spiders coming into the house from the garage.  I’ve done just about everything I can think of to get rid of the little bastards but I’m not having much luck.  I which there was an easy way to learn how to kill spiders and keep them out.  I’ve tried just about every gadget, spray and chemical on the market and none seem to do much good for more than a month or so.  If anyone out there knows the best way to keep these spiders out of my house let me know.

Indoors USA Things To do

November 14, 2008

Are you already getting the winter blues now that the cold weather has started setting in? What are you going to do when winter really kicks off in December and January?  I’ve decided this winter I’m going to bone up on my web skills and learn some new things like web design, search engine optimization and perhaps do a little bit of marketing.  I’ve even considered making my own worpress themes and customizing them for friends and family.  I decided to do this as many of thw custom wordpress themes I’ve found dont work with the widgets I like to use.  I dont have the necessary skills to create my own widgets and find it really frustrating trying to get the old widgets to work in new custom themes.  Creating a custom theme that has working widgets or is widgetized as they call it is proving to be quite the challange but heck I have all winter to work on it.  If you looking for something to do this winter try learning some new skills or compete in a web competition like the one on How to make extra income online.  This widget contest is one i’ve throught about looking into.

Finding A Bra For Full Figured Teen

September 11, 2008

I had a really bad experience today.  Not only did I have to go shopping but once I was in the car and on the road to the stores was informed it was bra shopping.  Now I don’t know many men that get overly excited about shopping for bras with their wives but what’s worse is when its your teenage daughter.  Unfortunately my daughter is a full figured girl and finding a full figured sports bra on sale is real tough. I can’t belive the headaches it caused just trying to find a sports bra that a teenage girl likes.   I’m glad I dont have to go bra shopping that often as this was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I think I’ve ever had.

Indoors USA | Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

September 11, 2008

Your never going to believe what my wife came up with this weekend.  Were sitting quietly watching television and out of the blue she tells me she wants new kitchen cabinets.  ARRRR  I hate remodeling and dread the idea of replacing my kitchen cabinets or refinishing the existing ones.  However, being the sweet husband that I am I told her  we’d go looking and see what was available at Lowe’s and Menards.  I was quite surprised and the look of the modern kitchen cabinets that are available these days and couldn’t get over how many different choices there were to choose from.  This browsing through the kitchen cabinets department of the store actually got me to agree with my wife and we decided to purchase a new set of cabinets.  Now i’m not much for paying someone else to do simple carpentry and other household repairs so I decided I would install them myself.  They should be arriving at the house this week and guess what I’ll be doing all weekend, yep ripping out kitchen cabinets and replacing them.  Oh Joy this should definitely be a test for our marriage.  I just know the next thing she’ll want to do is replace the kitchen tile and repaint the kitchen walls, sigh.  What did I get myself into!!!